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  1. OMG. im soooo needing this feature right now... i had no idea it was discontinued! Add me to the shouting hoard that demands this be brought back! PS i was looking for location on the windows 10 app
  2. http://bgr.com/2013/09/30/galaxy-note-sales-40-million-lifetime/ Sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup reportedly top 40M, including 30M Note II handsets wonder how that stacks up... this doesnt include the Wacom cintiq companionand the Toshibas new wacom penabled android tablet
  3. it also seems to me that they are putting a hell of a lot of effort into trying to make a Psudo stylus work (ie ignoring hands etc) on iOS where there isnt any REAL stylus support. when the stylus ready hardware not only exists on Android but is growing.... first it was the galaxy note 10.1 now its up to the note 3 and the Wacom Companion not to mention that 4.04 will have OS level stylus support.... http://liliputing.com/2011/10/google-android-4-0-adds-support-for-stylus-input.html Come on Phil, figure this out!!!!!
  4. Again, I believe our only hope it to get the attention of Evernotes CEO via twitter... Join ME! https://twitter.com/plibin
  5. I STILL believe this is the best course of action.... https://twitter.com/plibin Let your respectful voices be heard there.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't skitch already out for android? I mean it wasn't anything to really re-develop, Evernote just acquired it. I don't think that's a good example. But good to know its in the works... still would be nice to know what's happening. It's not like were a major corporation (yes I just added my name to the EN family ) Actually, Skitch Android wasn't available. (EDIT: See Keith's statement above). At any rate, I have other examples of Android leading the way--like voice to text. As far as knowing more, there's really not much I can give you in terms of ETAs, and that's the big one. We don't port apps--we develop from the ground up, so it's going to take time. We also don't pull resources from the main Android team--we have to pull together a development team to make it happen, then proceed from there. And taking our own history into account, this actually isn't unheard of. Skitch for iPhone took quite awhile post acquisition. I'm pretty sure it was September 2012 when Skitch for iPhone/Touch hit the stores, and that was a little over a year after our first Trunk Conference. Building good things takes time. Ben (the guy that wrote the original Penultimate) and the team are definitely well aware. But for kicks, I'll reflag this thread for him soooo is "Ben" gonna sound off on this topic? or just watch from his cubicle?
  7. Gbarry- Thanks for replying.. im sure thousands of android users appreciate hearing this is still going to happen. Do the large crowd of a favor and do a little cubicle jumping now and let the "insiders" know where banging at the doors. as for me... for now ill hold on to my subscription. but ive gone through an entire years premium subscription waiting for this to become available.... take that $50 dollars and wave it in some developers face for Jebuz Sake
  8. http://www.inc.com/magazine/201304/phil-libin/why-i-love-my-angriest-customers.html @@plibin
  9. https://twitter.com/sastian/status/334055601351032832
  10. Amen. And don't forget about us S-Note users. We have actual pen input (not a finger on a stick) and are still working around not having a basic input method like penultimate
  11. The Gauntlet is officially being thrown down.. I demand to see ANY reply from someone within Evernote, or I will officially be canceling my premium account due to breach of contract... Your issue has been assigned support ticket #32298. You have also been emailed a confirmation including this number.You should receive an email confirmation immediately. If you do not, please check your Spam folder or check your email address on file in your Evernote account settings. If the email is incorrect, please change it and then resubmit your ticket.Your request is now awaiting assignment with our support team. Responses are made in the order received.Thanks,The Evernote support team Here's my support request: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/26144-penultimate-for-android-tablets/page-5?locale=en I find it kind of insulting that nobody from within Evernote has taken the time to respond to one of the highest viewed, highest replied topics in your forums regarding Penultimate element for Android. I'm not asking you to make it, I'm only asking that you respond & respect the people who actually take the time to make a post on your forum you host on your website. if there is not a reply in the next 48 hours I revoke my premium membership since there is no reason for me to pay for support that doesn't exist.
  12. http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/05/07/ben-zotto-penultimate-founder-says-the-future-is-bright/ wow, it was the first thing requested almost a year ago after announcing the acquisition .. Are you hearing us?
  13. come on! with real Wacom support in a large amount of android tablets... how can this not sound like fun? count me in on the coffee club, ill see your Starbucks card and raise you a bag of Caribou grinds of your choice!
  14. I have just purchased a 10.1 note tablet, and this is easily the most anticipated piece of software i could make a request for. PLEASE make this happen!!!
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