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  1. Dorota wrote: . . . I've been reading all the posts about best scanners that scan directly to Evernote (sounds like lots of people are fans of the ScanSnap by Fujitsu), and I'm leaning that way, but was wondering if there's another scanner out there that can accommodate unusual documents. I scan documents, receipts, photos like most people, but I also often get drawings my kids make. . . Hi, Dorota. I have the ScanSnap 1500. There are smaller ScanSnaps, too. Mine handles all sizes of notes from business card size or small receipts up to 8.5" x 11". It copies single or both sides simultaneously, according to settings. It handles black and white or color, either automatically or individually according to settings. I love mine and recommend it highly. It's far superior to flatbed scanners I have, unless you need to scan a book or magazine or something else that won't go through the document feeder. Check it out. (Newegg is where I found the best price.)
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