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  1. Sorry, yes it is a Win 10x64 PC and I use EN

    I have found a sync option in the Note Tools option so guess I can use it.

    I do use the Ctrl S but there doesn't seem to be any reaction so not sure if it does save it.

    I would like a little revolving circle on the actual note like it is in the home page.

    Many thanks for the help.

    Ah haa. I have just seen on that Tools menu it is the F9 key to save.

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  2. Many thanks for the suggestions.

    I decided to number each note 1. Name  2. Name etc then save each note as a PDF, then in Acrobat 8 which I have, created a new PDF file by 'Combining' them all. They showed in number order as being saved and in the new all  were there in order.

    Just had to change 10 to 9a as it kept coming up after 1. 

    Thanks again. 

  3. Thank you guys. I am pleased that at least I could get my deleted note back through Trash however I would personally like a facility like some programs do, where it auto backs up every so often to another back up directory.

    Because one of my uses for EN is for writing long stories or thesis, I need backups very often.

    I do the export thing but once again in case of problems like today, I need them often as I am working.

  4. I have Conflicts as well, but I do have Conflict Notebook called Notebook Stack the Notebook Stack [2] and so on.

    Thing is I only have a Note in these folders without an original note anywhere else. Except for 1 which has the two.

    EN would have been on 2 x Win 10 and both would have been open but only one worked on at the time.

    I notice I have [10] of them.  One is titled 'Mac Addresses' in Notebook Stack [10] - only one in that folder.

    How can I compare it? to what ?

    If I do delete them, should I be sure to only have one program open, the sync?

    Woulkdn't it have been better to just make a copy of the file and name as copy1 so it can be clearly seen on the tree then compared easily?

    Hope for some help.









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