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  1. many powerusers are pissed at this move: http://www.labnol.org/internet/rss-feeds-directory/21242/ this is just an example. every major network has a RSS feed, you can see examples here: http://www.labnol.org/internet/rss-feeds-directory/21242/ just make sure you mark evernote of that list
  2. Stating that a mere daily email update is the equivalent of RSS is really an insult to users of this feature. I was depending on it greatly and it's really a shame to see your service stepping back instead of marching forward. No premium for me I guess as I honestly believed this is the main advantage you had over other note managers. Pulling it like that on a day notice is really unprofessional to say the least.. You are losing market at the power users section, but I guess your average housewife recipe collector market won't be harmed.. maybe you should pull the mail input feature as well, this will also earn you some ad exposure time.
  3. Very disappointed at this, this had great potential. I was using it to display a list of todos on my phone's lock screen via rss, it worked great, life was good, I didn't miss anything. Few weeks ago it was suddenly gone, went as far as restoring my phone! The same thing happened with imap a few years back Can't see any available work around, damn shame.. I think I'll switch to a different note manager..
  4. this would be a dream.. it's the only thing keeping me from buying a premium
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