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  1. Yes sorry about that guys. I meant on this topic I guess, not overall. Well it was a bad thing to say... however ironically while saying that I offered help, on here. Well as always YMMV
  2. The only way I have found to fix this problem is to identify which notebook has the issue, copy all the notes out of it into a new notebook, then delete that notebook. See my post below on how I solved it. Don't expect help here, you won't get it
  3. I created a number of notebooks locally and it would not sync them. I had to remove them one at a time until it would sync. I should be able to create notebooks locally and then sync them. Today I could not sync until I removed a note from my trash. I have not had these problems in the past and if they continue I won't be able to use the desktop software but will have to use the web clipper only. This is really disappointing. Will I have to manually compare my notebook structure locally to the web structure. Moving notes to temporary notebooks or general notebook and deleting the original notebooks until evernote decides it will let me sync? This is a task I do not want to undertake. I was going to upgrade my wife to the premium account because I got her a doxie for her birthday. Now I am hoping I don't have buyers remorse. -Nick
  4. Super annoying. Had to manually compare my evernote to the one online and create new notebooks and move my notes to those for any notebook that wasn't online and deleting the original, until i randomly stumbled across the missing notebook. This is not cool. If the notebook doesn't exist online should it just make it?
  5. Having the same error. Please help. Below is my log. Very frustrating. Tried uninstall and re-install already Log opened on 2013/04/03 11:33:19 (UTC-4:00) 14:51:36 [166820] 0% Synchronizing 3 notes 14:51:36 [166820] 0% Updating local note "Ooma telo", resource count: 0 14:51:36 [166820] 0% * guid={87416AC8-A28E-444A-84AC-580CFFEEBD24} 14:51:36 [166820] 25% Updating local note "tickets_82G81UFH1719733", resource count: 1 14:51:36 [166820] 25% * guid={AFADD01F-D7D0-42BB-919B-9B279D3A4404} 14:51:36 [166820] 25% * Updating local resource "339a0a9ba32f43e9bb619d7e3b12c65c" 14:51:36 [166820] 25% * rsrc={2F76C036-8639-4EF9-803E-7F742D0876E5}, note={afadd01f-d7d0-42bb-919b-9b279d3a4404} 14:51:36 [166820] 67% Updating local note "Note", resource count: 0 14:51:36 [166820] 67% * guid={6FDBE915-A33B-48B2-BF37-ADF3F45D9F0C} 14:51:37 [166820] 100% EDAMNotFoundException: id="Notebook.guid" key="61c06c17-4803-45a5-aa51-af0c3a8462e3" 14:51:38 [166820] 100% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 3s 14:51:38 [166820] 100% * sent: 668B, received: 436B 14:51:38 [166820] 100% * 1s (62%) spent in EDAM RPC
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