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  1. It also supports hand printing, but you're right that cursive won't get recognized. It seems like it's a limitation of the underlying OCR engine ( http://www.abbyy.com/finereader/). Unfortunately, from my understanding the way evernote OCRs writing is not exportable (it seems to store the OCR data in some other index instead of adding it back to the image like devonthink does). Until aabbyy updates its software to allow handwriting recognition or evernote exports it, your only other option would be to pass the handwritten things through an external OCR program that supports handwriting bef
  2. Salmone, the feature you're describing does in fact existing Devonthink - but only in the "Pro Office" variant. It's the "Scanning and OCR" feature.
  3. See, that's the part that gets me. I'm not comfortable putting insurance forms, receipts, etc. in Evernote for the reason above, so I'm finding myself increasingly forced to look into other solutions like devonthink as I attempt to become more organized. I guess I'm surprised that you have security concerns that apply to student work, but not your own financial documents? Is the sharing functionality really useful enough trade-off for that risk?
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