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  1. Thanks for the welcome. This is definitely not the issue. I've waited for days and it still hasn't synced, and each time it gives me teh failure message. And nothing like this happened on the previous version of Evernote.
  2. I just downloaded Evernote 5 for Android to my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and it is currently useless. I'm logged into my account, and the synchronization for that account is going fine on my Macs. But it keeps giving me a message of "Last sync failed at:" [date and time], and no notes or notebooks appear. If I push the sync button it says "Sync started" but then I get the failure message again. I can't even create a test note because it says "Create note error: Please wait until the notebook is synced to the device". I can't send an activity log because the page about doing that doesn't give me any instructions for how to do that on Android. Please help.
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