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  1. This update seems to have enforced a minimum height for the vertical scrollbar in the note list. Previously, I had my note list small enough to only see three notes, but if I do that now, the lower half of the scrollbar disappears. Now, anything smaller than roughly six-and-a-half note titles worth of height will start covering up the scrollbar, making the note list unusable. On the desktop this was annoying but ultimately not the greatest of deals, but on my netbook and all of its 10'' of screen real estate it means that the actual note content area only holds about 13 lines of text. This makes working on things more cumbersome and I want my shorter note list back. And while I'm talking about the note height, I want to remember that I in some earlier version could shorten the space inbetween the note list and note area, by hiding the toolbar inbetween the note list and the bar with font dropdown and whatnot, but this doesn't appear to be possible anymore and is a functionality I want to come back.
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