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  1. Thanks bduncan. I figured that I could work locally and only sync those notes and artifacts that are not confidential thereby making them available to me on across my inventory of devices. Which brings up a second question... If I have one notebook per client can I selectively sync some notes in the notebook but not necessarily all notes? For example, I may want to keep my meeting notes in the cloud so that I can recall them on my iPhone or iPad but keep financial statements and payroll ledgers local and thereby only accessible on my Mac Air. Can this be done with Premium?
  2. I am a technology consultant with multiple clients. In any given week I will collect notes from multiple meetings, review work and excel documents that I create or a client provides, take a few pictures of white boards and load PDF's scanned out of hard-copy printed docs that clients give me for review. Evernote appears to do everything I want in terms of taking meeting notes, attaching artifacts to those notes, keeping everything organized and enabling me to go paperless. There is one major issue however, the nature of the information I receive from clients is such that I can't maintain it in the cloud. I routinely get financial statements, payroll ledgers and confidential trade secret information that my confidentiality agreements forbid me from storing on line. So my questions is this... If I am a premium subscriber, can I download ALL my notebooks to my local machine, store all content on my local machine's hard drive and maintain all of my notes and such without posting them into my Evernote account? My "daily driver" is a Mac Air with 128gigs of flash storage. I also carry an iPhone and iPad. Thanks very much. Andy.
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