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  1. There is more to the story then, because I am able to do everything you describe now, whereas I could not before. The only exception is cutting and pasting parts of a bulleted list into an existing list, which has always resulted in strange behavior. I can, for example, highlight the entire multilevel list and use the indent and outdent buttons or shortcut keys (tab, shift-tab) to change the level of the entire thing. It works and the bullets stay. I can do any subset of a multilevel list as well.
  2. This now appears to be fixed, at least for the Windows client version " (272632) Public". I'm not sure when they fixed it and I was expecting to receive an email from this forum when an Evernote employee posted to notify us that it was fixed. It doesn't appear that they have that sort of follow-up procedure in place. So, for all you who are following this one, now you know! I am glad to see it fixed, even though it was an easy bugfix as bugfixes go and it took an embarrassingly long time for them to implement it. I find it disappointing as well that they didn't keep us up to date at all over the past two years. It's as easy as linking this thread to the ticket...so that when the ticket is completed an automated message is posted in the thread. Anyone following the thread gets the email. How hard is that?! I will forever be baffled by the lack of systems minded people at successful companies. Following up is easy and the only reason it isn't done properly by customer service teams is because the system isn't in place to make it happen.
  3. Sounds like a lot of copy/paste work just to get a list going. I appreciate the tip on a workaround, but I am very interested in whether there will be a fix coming from Evernote. Thanks!
  4. And what if I want to change the indent level? The issue occurs when I am attempting to change the indent level (to the left) to a position that is "higher" or "left of" the location where it was originally created. Are you able to change the indent on lists created from your template for any item on the list and all the way back to the root indent level?
  5. Thanks for the reply, glad to know I am not alone! I am using the desktop client on Windows 7 (version
  6. It appears there is a bug having to do with the list indenting. If I create a new bullet list item, I can adjust its indent level to any level I like using the indent buttons or using tab and shift-tab. However, if I try to do this on a list item that was automatically created by pressing enter (for instance, any list item after the first) then I am restricted such that I cannot bring the indent level back any farther than where I started. So...if I am adding items to the third indent level of a bulleted list and I want to go back to the second tier to keep adding items there, I have to make a brand new list item. I cannot simply shift the indent over to the left because as soon as I go past the third indent level (the level of the automatically created bullet from the last time I hit enter) my bullet disappears entirely and I am left with an indented, but not bulleted list item. This bug does not appear to happen with numbered lists. This makes it annoying to make bulleted lists at all and at times I find myself avoiding Evernote merely for the convenience of making lists somewhere that works (which turns out is most any other word processing solution, even google docs or a web based email...).
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