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  1. Thank you for this As many of your are, I am heavily dependent on evernote, but I really feel that since evernote 5 and onwards things have been going downhill. It seems the evernote team is very much out of touch with the variety of ways that people use their software, and they are channeling the interface into this ideal they have in mind where people only write stories and take pictures of coffee cups on wood tables, and that's all. There is this constant push of reducing functionality and cusomizability. The android version has been improving, but they recently tied snippet/list view option to the type of sort you're using. But windows evernote 5 was a big dissapointment to me, I felt such a relief when I went back to 4. And now the release of this half-baked beta for the web UI. Please... why these adventures? Just add color coding for notes and tags already! I promise I'll take more pictures of coffee cups.
  2. Yes it's gone on my android phone too, they've made the view dependent on which sort method you use, which is absolutely ABSURD Who comes up with these ideas?!
  3. Ah it was? Couldn't find anything on a google search, and then a quick search on the forum Thanks for that, I guess I'll report it too Take care
  4. The search notebook:To-Do any: tag:1-Now -tag:* (finds all notes with tag 1-Now as well as notes with no tags at all) used to work fine on android, after a recent update it doesn't work It still works fine on the windows client Now even if I try notebook:To-Do any: -tag:* or notebook:To-Do any: tag:* They don't work Anyone else encountered this issue?
  5. Exactly my thoughts, dumbed down I went back to v4 a few days ago, I should have done that weeks ago A clue that the people behind this update probably don't even use this software properly is when the lady in the v5 intro video says that they redesigned the interface so that it would "really showcase your notes". I'm sorry, I don't use evernote to SHOWCASE my notes, that is not the purpose of the freaking program. In any case, the way picture attachments are implemented in evernote, without the ability to resize them, makes this capability non-existent. Since I for one, do not have a camera that outputs evernote sized pictures specifically for my computer screen resolution. In v5 I can't even tell if I'm looking at notes or tags in the sidebar since there is absolutely no reference Really who thought this was a good idea? Oh wow related notes, now I can't even quickly scroll to the bottom of a note to make some additions because I have this stupid gimick that creeps up at the bottom And the atlas? Come on The option for coloured notebooks and tags should have come way before these gimicks Evernote v4 is fantastic, will stay here as long as I can, or until the developers concede that v5 is a flop
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