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  1. @Scott T. @Shane D.Hi - How do I LEAVE / DISABLE the early access on Tasks please? I accidentally said yes and now cannot see the option to disable this. I am on the MacOS client - Thank you
  2. "Stay on top" / "Always on top" i.e. keep the window on top of all other windows. There was a tool called Afloat which worked for previous macOS versions but does not for macOS Catalina. Example - If I am reading a PDF or an article on a webpage, I do not want to constantly find my note from behind the webpage / PDF to type. The native Notes app has this functionality (see screenshot) too. Also, have added another screenshot from Bear which shows a little symbol on the bottom right of the note which toggles the "Always on top" or not - which is pretty handy. So, all in all, looks like the OS does have the API / functionality to do this (given Bear + other apps use it). I would love for Evernote to implement this please! Thanks.
  3. Hello - Please add the ability for a note to "Float on top" - Bear app has this and I have started using Bear instead of Evernote because of it. Thanks.
  4. +1, it'll be good to have this feature. Instapaper does this and although EN is not "in that business", I cant imagine this would take months of effort for EN to implement this! (of course depending on where it falls in the prioritisation).
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