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  1. It's a cat and mouse scenario. Is the issue with WebClipper or with Firefox. Coding scenario. Using Opera and Brave more than Firefox, so will use those when I want to use WebClipper. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Yep. Seems to be the case. Ran through the extensions on Firefox to see if one of them was blocking the permission. Didn't find any conflicts. The URL displayed is moz-extension://a884ef24-aa92-41d7-b4ce-264e91a150ae/consent.html Don't know if there something that could be added to about:config in Firefox. Not changing anything there unless I know what I am doing. I don't.
  3. Thanks, but unfortunately that suggestion doesn't work for me. Firefox v88.0.1 + Evernote Web Clipper v7.13.8 Restarting Firefox after having installed the new version the same Evernote nag opened up in a new tab. See no option anywhere to stop this. Have Opera, Brave and Chrome with no problems with Evernote. Only Firefox has this issue. ¿? Always select the Allow option, natch.
  4. Every time Firefox is launched a tab opens up with a "Welcome to Evernote Web Clipper" page notification. Is there any way of eliminate this annoyance? TIA
  5. Uninstalled on my Android. Useless until a valid update is released that will fix the problem. ?
  6. Unfortunately the 8.3 update still has an un-sguashed bug. Some notes open, some don't. When the system error message appears, Evernote crashes. Tried copying online the contents of the note that crashed Evernote on my Android device and created a new note. The new note also had the same error and crashed the app. This is very frustrating and currently makes Evernote unusable on an Android device. No problems online or on my PC. ?
  7. Thanks for the info concerning the update. Unfortunately only 8.0 is currently available on the Play Store. Is there a possibility of downloading the latest version for Android on the Evernote site ?
  8. Hmmm. Worked once only. Hope Evernote manages to get the right type of bug spray and eliminate the nasty critter that is ***** everyone after the nefarious update.
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