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  1. Hi, I have tried and tried again...not working in my case...it says " ...succeeded.."., ask for name and password...and when I try to open, 10sec black screen and then... nothing...back to my main screen... Any suggestion on what to do to get the application working Thanks Thierry Brussels, Belgium
  2. Hello everbody, I have exactly same problem as Robert is facing...any help...?? I just tried to download the evernote app version 5 on my HTC Wildfire ( app moved to sdcard). And when I started evernote the screen went black for about 10 seconds and then the home screen reappeared. I also deinstalled en reinstalled the app. After starting I got the login screen and could log in and the app started synchronizing. But if I started it again the same thing happened: a black screen for about 10 sec and then the home screen appeared. Bottom line: it doesn't work. Does anybody have the same experience, any tips?, help?.
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