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  1. Also, when you get a notification on your iphone, when launching EN, it would be great if that reminder were to the fore so you could deal with it immediately rather than have to navigate to the reminder list where you than have to wade through them all to find the one that was just triggered......
  2. GENIUS, I was saving to Dropbox anyway but then creating a new note and attaching. Now its all done in less effort, all I have to do is tag new note. THANKYOU, you just restored my faith in EN. That import folder sync thingy is so useful, but not widely known about?
  3. AH, just opened a new thread on this very topic before I found yours - exactly what I was hoping for with my Moleskin - lists are what we all do every day in nortebooks, therefore it seems pointless to import them as a picture when the tech is surely avail to bring them in as actual live lists with tickboxes.....EN...please action
  4. Yes, actually, 2hours on and SOME words have become searchable, hopefully all will in another while, else my writing is still going to be a problem. Fingers crossed, thanks.
  5. I'ver just bought my first Moleskin and also disappointed not one word has become searchable. The stickers work fine, but my capitalised neat writing not showing at all, and i've left it an hour now, disappointed. Maybe I need to try to write normally ratyher than capitals, but I know my normal writing is not so neat,.
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