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  1. I guess this feature is gone. In my case was the answere you use ios13, but it seems is gone... I have so many hope that will be better, but meanwhile i don't think so. I'm so sad....
  2. i think that‘s it... but in the first contact the support mentions they support the beta. After some rounds of chitchat the denied the support... i have no idea what they do. I have contact support some times, never they can help me. Next year ended my subscription - till to this time i give evernote a chance (use only ios). When they came back ok, but i need the same features like MACOS or Windows...
  3. I‘m the owner and I shared the notebook. I checked twice, but I can‘t add tags in any notebooks. Also in my own notebooks. I forwarded this to the support team.
  4. here we go... added version..thanks
  5. I have no + or add tag under the i . I find no options to add a tag via ios on my notes. Any hints for me? Thanks
  6. I‘m angry... this is 2 Years old and now we have IPad Pro and i can‘t use it, because there are not merge notes... i think i should don‘t wait longer ... this is essential... and we get some other stuff like beta gui :(...
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