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  1. Another great reply from the support - surprise .. they changed the stuff. I think that happen, because i'm a little bit rude, but it's end of the street. I have no patience anymore and all what they do is talking and stalling... i'm so tired... i'm a user since 2012 and i have 15k notes and i think 10-15 gb space. That's a heavy stuff to migrate and some tries are failed, because the file limit or whatever... the next step is nextcloud or something like that... you never chain on a company... that's what i learned.
  2. the reply from the support means: i should reinstall the app.... i'm not sure, but i think the spit on me as a customer - take the money and do nothing is that what i feel the last 3 years.... that's all only frustrating and i hope anybody from us suet the company for fraud or something... here in europe can i do nothing.
  3. I think that's all a great and bad jokes.... I tried today on my ipad to attach some pdf's from files app or another app - that's not possible yet. What the hell is going on??? Then i use the import dialog to attaching some files from files app, because this don't work via drag and drop... and what the next ***** show? Yes, you can select only one file or via keyboard a lot of files, but then? There is no button to import more then one file in evernote... i'm a business user since 2012 ... i think it's to long... i was patience for a long year with all the terrible bugs in the software... imho evernote is not more trustworthy now and i'm out, unfortunately i paid again for 2 month... That is not a money thing, it's a lecture about promises and fails. And now the fails are to big... There is no hope for evernote more...
  4. It's a shame that we lost the support for the ipad. We have the last years no significant development on the ipad. Otherwise a bunch of bugs... I use evernote only on ipad with a trackpad - try to get back with the ipad via magic trackpad you have no chance, because the target area is wrong - every time the cursor jump too far left - see the screenshot - there is no good external support --- only marketing blabla...
  5. that's come from the moderator i think.. i had linked the correct address.. have corrected... there are more shortcuts under http://tomtom24.de
  6. yeah.... i use evernote since 2012 - there is an existential lack of features for the ios platform. I don't see a development there... cause no public betas available, no multiselect announced... that's a ugly argument "cloud structure don't allow multiselect" ... look at note app - they have also cloud service and there is a multiselect... or every mail program... i'm waiting to long.. The only thing because i use evernote is, that the export is limited and i can't export the properly.
  7. Do you understood that’s is a solution for the over years existing problem? i don‘t believe that this is coming this year. sorry I’m a user since 2012 and I will use Evernote only on iOS, Evernote is the one and only that don’t be willing to support the iOS user und a proper way. Windows and Web are the Focus and i think that’s wrong.
  8. —📘Description— Unfortunately evernote have no toc creation on IOS. I need this more then once :). Also create a shortcut that can a little bit more. Screenshot: Screenshot Video: Video youtube ⚠️ Required: evernote on ios ➡️Input: Start Shortcut and select the notebook, tags or title ⬅️Output: a toc – note in evernote Latest Version: 🌏 http://tomtom24.de/evernote-toc-creator-for-ios Date: 29. Jan 2020 at 16:00 UUID: 8803C9EE-478C-400D-A0A5-B504CEFD9754 #toc #inhaltsverzeichnis #evernote
  9. I guess this feature is gone. In my case was the answere you use ios13, but it seems is gone... I have so many hope that will be better, but meanwhile i don't think so. I'm so sad....
  10. i think that‘s it... but in the first contact the support mentions they support the beta. After some rounds of chitchat the denied the support... i have no idea what they do. I have contact support some times, never they can help me. Next year ended my subscription - till to this time i give evernote a chance (use only ios). When they came back ok, but i need the same features like MACOS or Windows...
  11. I‘m the owner and I shared the notebook. I checked twice, but I can‘t add tags in any notebooks. Also in my own notebooks. I forwarded this to the support team.
  12. I have no + or add tag under the i . I find no options to add a tag via ios on my notes. Any hints for me? Thanks
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