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  1. I am quitting my premium membership over this issue in specific, and over that Android obviously does not get much attention from devs here. Will still be using Evernote as a clipping service, it's still the best I've seen at that. But notetaking without working indentation? Nope, and that's a deal breaker. Will be googling hard for evernote alternatives that work well over multiplatforms. Zim desktop wiki looked good, but no android client... (yes, one can edit notes in zim as .txt-files, but I want the whole shebang)
  2. Thank you very much! I actually had no idea that os-x lets you do that and that it's set in the os, not in each app. I'll try it out.
  3. Thank you for the response Sorry, should've mentioned I have a Swedish keyboard layout, 13" retina macbook pro. I actually don't know how the english key layout looks, but on my keyboard there is no dedicated key for square bracket, you get it by doing what I described. It's the keys for 8 and 9, they give ( and ) with shift, [ and ] with alt, and with alt plus shift I get { and }. Which is the standard Swedish keyboard layout for all normal computer keyboards, although in windows I think it's 'alt gr' for the { } I called the command key Apple key just out of old habit, though this is my first mac the first apple I saw at a friends was the old mac plus :-) When I press tab in Evernote I get five standard spaces wherever the cursor is.
  4. Indenting is a necessity for 90% of my workflow. Since I indent text as I write, I need to use a shortcut for it, using my touchpad or doing a vulcan neck pinch-style combo via menus is out of the question. The shortcut listed for indenting is shift-apple-right square bracket, but on my macbook pro this does not work, instead the text gets right-aligned. To get a square bracket ] I need to press alt-9 on my macbook pro. The Evernote shortcut for align right is alt-apple-right curly bracket. The macbook pro keys to get a right curly bracket is alt-shiht-9. It would seem that Evernote shortcuts does not play nice with macbook pro's standard keys for special charachers. As a new mac user coming from windows, I am happy to see that osx has a myridad of power shortcuts. And I can therefore understand that many software designers might have a problem setting up their own shortcuts since so many are either already globally taken by osx, or at least work in more or less the same manner through most programs and should therefore not be used for a significantly different function in any software, since that breaks the user experience. I am a new user of Evernote also, and my suggestion below might not be practical for some reason that I haven't guessed. But the problem must still be solved in some way. I suggest for Evernote that the tabulator key gets the function of indent, or rather that indentation gets replaced with a classic word processor tabulator function.
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