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  1. Yes. now, the tag list and the selection of notebooks do not show up under iOS Web clipper. We asked for having the on-the-fly tagging capability, lost all! Some clipped articles are displayed all black in the Evernote PC, some include not just the clipped article but everything else on the page including sidebars, ads etc. even clipping from a subscribed website like NYT. Now, selection of notebook and tags are disappeared from Web Clipper on iPad. Is this progress?
  2. DTLow I started this discussion and therefore voted long time ago. The statistic I want to know is to see why Evernote is not paying attention to a feature so obvious to have. If the clipper is mostly used in laptops and PCs where you do have on-the-fly feature, then one might understand the management’s decision on not to waste money on a feature not many people use anyhow. Otherwise 16 people asking for it in thousands do not mean much does it? But maybe drop by drop we will create a lake to flood Evernote headquarters.
  3. Yes. Thank you DTLow. People who for some funny reason or other do not mind not having on-the-fly tag creation forget that this capability do exist in the PC version (that’s the only way to have in the first place). And, if like me, many people who cannot take a PC to bed to browse the internet, use instead a tablet such as iPad, therefore cannot create a tag for the captured article because no tag in the list can describe it and thus either leave the article un-tagged or stretch the imagination and use one in the list “closest” in meaning to it. Here is my suggestion therefore, rather than making useless suggestions like ‘I use my existing tag list always’ so I do need to create an on-the-fly tag’ (possibly meaning that they entered, say, the whole Webster Dictionary into Evernote so they always have a tag to capture the essence of the captured article), please just do not create one, even if you can when we finally have this feature. Ok? The exsistence of this feature will not harm your feelings. You are always free to not to use it. Please therefore be open to life enhancing ideas. I would like to see a statistic on use of Evernote in iOS and Windows to make sense why having this feature is even a matter of discussion. If the latter case is a lot higher, then Evernote management may not want to spend money on it. Otherwise they should not be surprised if a lot of people suddenly switch to a similar app with this feature.
  4. Oops. Sorry DTLow. Next time I will use the user-Id. Yes users, if you want this obvious feature, please vote for it.
  5. Either it is impossibly difficult to add this feature under iOS or there is an absurd reason (like Guru thinks) not to have it for iOS devices after all these complains about the lack of it. Guru, by the way, according to another story I read, Jupiter (Zeus) did not listen Romans so much and ignored many of their wishes that, not only they completely gave up on him, eventually they made a religion whose god they killed, theirs and turned that into what it is now. And for those who do not need this feature, please do not to enter any tag on the fly for articles you want to save for whatever reasons you might have. We will be very happy by using it while thinking that some are also happy not using it. So, Evernote’s incredibly talented and innovative coders, please listen to us and add this feature to our beloved app. Your New Year will be a lot happier because many extra people will wish so.
  6. So, is Evernote listening? For a clipping application while adding new tags is possible when used under Windows, it is lack of insight that doing the same thing is not possible under iOS! Why? If I need to create a new tag for a topic , I can do it on my PC on the fly, but not on my iPhone or iPad, the devices I use more often to browse internet. It took years (2014) Evernote to implement web clipping on iOS devices, unfortunately we have been waiting years to have this essential feature for these devices. For those who do not want to create new tags for the articles they want to clip, please use the existing ones, but, as it is clear from the many posts above, a lot of us need this feature desperately. Please listen.
  7. It is not possible to create new tags on the web clipper for articles saved in iPad or iPhone browsers from Safari to Chrome. Why? One can only use existing tags that are created with web clipper under Windows in my case. So, not being able to create tags as needed when clipping on iOS devices is a serious limitation of Evernote. Is there any effort to add this important and obvious feature into Evernote web clipper?
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