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  1. Thank you ! Someone who works in Chinese Evernote told me the solution , I have to change different serves , from international service to Chinese service .
  2. 你好!我是印象笔记的老用户,我现在在加拿大,再次登陆之后所有的笔记都不见了! 现在只剩下IPHONE因为没有切换所以能看到以前的笔记。我非常着急,我的用户名为xxxxxxxxx 请帮助我解决谢谢!! 我的邮件地址为xxxxxxxxx Hello ! I have already used evernote for 2 years . Now I am an international student in Canada . I was shocked when I logined in my account on my old computer , I found all the notes were lost ! There are only two notes there but none of them are mine . And later I tried to login on the new computer of windows 8 , it showed the same thing ... Now , I can only use my iphone to see my old notes and I was really worried . Please help me out ! I would really appreciate of that !! ( my user name is xxxxxxxxxx) (Please send the reply to xxxxxxxxxxx )
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