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  1. My gut feeling is they aren't going to do anything. I've started using Google Docs for my notes. Honestly, for how I use it, I don't see the huge benefits in Evernote over Google Docs. Google supports highlighting. The downside is I have a few hundred notes in Evernote. I guess I'll just use Evernote as backup of old notes and move them one by one as I use them.
  2. LOL. That was humorous Maybe he is the same guy walking around with the Windows start button in his pocket! I wish I knew who he was too! Apparently, Microsoft fired that guy and it is fixing that in Windows 8.1, due out in June. Nah. As I understand it, the Start button will be mainly for show (no start menu), and won't even appear in Metro, right? I'm a little unclear, but my guess is that he is still chuckling and gloating around the office. Yeah, I guess it's not a real start button. That's a shame. Like you, I'm not even clear what it does. I swear, these companies become successful by producing things that users want and need, but at some point they decide, the users don't know what they want. "They (the users) think they want stuff like highlighting and start buttons, but we know better." And then they go bust and they act like they never saw it coming. Every major technology company in history thought they were bullet proof. But if you look at companies that failed, it was always because someone else came along and gave their users what they wanted. Mind you, for now Evernote is safe because there's a Firefox add-on/workaround.
  3. LOL. That was humorous Maybe he is the same guy walking around with the Windows start button in his pocket! I wish I knew who he was too! Apparently, Microsoft fired that guy and it is fixing that in Windows 8.1, due out in June.
  4. Evernote tells me it has a new update. Fixes:Misc bug fixes for editing notes across various Evernote clients I pray this is the one that fixes the lack of highlighting........ No, it's not. I swear, they are never going to fix this. In fact, I think they've hired a guy whose only job is to make sure this never gets fixed. If he catches someone even thinking about fixing it, he steps in. I wish I knew his name.
  5. That's untrue. Please go back and re-read my post. Nowhere do I claim that Evernote is great; my feelings about Evernote are irrelevant to what I posted. Here are the highlights: Point A was that I would like to have the feature. Point B is that it takes longer than some people think to produce the feature. Point C was about my belief that Evernote does listen to their customers (more on this shortly). The fact of the matter is that it's in the Evangelists' brief to try help people out with their Evernote problems, not to proclaim how great Evernote is all the time. Sure I like Evernote, and use it every day, but all of us Evangelists have at one time or other expressed frustration/annoyance/disagreement -- publicly -- with Evernote's policies/implementations/documentation/what-have-you. Evernote users have asked for lots of stuff for years, and validly, too. As far as I can tell, Evernote appears to have a large backlog of feature requests that take time to plow through, while they are attempting to execute some strategic features of their own choices. Whose idea of what feature is basic/critical/no-brainer should have highest priority? Yours? Mine? No, the choice is really up to Evernote, the people in the best position to know the costs of implementation *and* whose livelihood depends on them making good choices (if they ***** up, then maybe Google Keep/Springpad/OneNote eats their lunch). No -- listening is just listening; it doesn't imply immediate action or talk. Note that some folks get offended when Evernote staff say things like "Evernoted" or "Thanks for the request" without further discussion. Sometimes it's best to just say nothing. By the same token (and company policy) that they Evernote doesn't typically reveal their roadmaps, they also rarely explicitly slam the door on feature requests, that is, they rarely say "we're not gonna do that". That seems like a sensible policy in my book (particularly, as DigitalScribe and others note, it's been available on iOS for some time, and it's demonstrable that some people do want highlighting, so that kind of statement would be silly on its face) -- policies and priorities change, time passes, and stuff gets implemented. Here's hoping that highlighting is one of them. First of all, sorry about the evangelist comment if that is a system-generated title. I assumed your job was to evangelize, which in certain realms means to convert to a way of thinking based on faith rather than facts. Secondly, we'll have to accept that there are a couple of things we won't agree on. To me, there is the Mars definition of listening (to hear the sound) and then there's the Venus definition, which involves qualities such as acknowledging, empathizing, acting upon in some way, etc. I have heard nothing from Evernote officials that suggests they understand how important highlighting is to its users, so to me, they aren't listening. (I don't buy this roadmap stuff at all. This is not even close to a groundbreaking new feature and to me, suggesting they can't give out top secret information like, "We're going to implement highlighting", is just what I'd expect from an evangelist.) And we also disagree on how basic highlighting is for a text editing program. I can't think of a single rich-text note editing program that doesn't have at least basic highlighting. So, shouldn't the market leader have that function? No need to answer. It's a rhetorical question and my opinion on this is clear.
  6. Again, you're title is Evernote Evangelist. It's basically in that very title that you will say Evernote is great. I understand limited resources and priorities, but this is a basic text editing feature. I love the Gmail add-on, that's awesome. But people have been asking for this feature for years! They have not responded for years! That's pretty much not listening. Were they to come out and say, "No one wants highlighting, we're not doing it ever!" that would at least show they heard us. It's disappointing, that's all. As I've said, there is a workaround. Just like if the letter E wasn't working, I could just copy and paste from another program. It's almost that level of oversight.
  7. Like I said... 98% of the people here are or have been coders. As such, anyone who claims something is easy (that affects the many platforms EN lives on) and yet has no intimate knowledge of the Evernote code is a fool. And as some of us have said, this is not a roadmap. It's a basic text editing feature. It's a bug or an oversight or a flaw, call it what you want. It should be fixed. And as for being a fool, there are some things you don't need intimate knowledge of a particular piece of software to know. The ability to highlight notes is already there. It's just not implemented. Look, I get it: as far as you're concerned, anything Evernote does is awesome and there is nothing missing and nothing to be fixed. I just have a different opinion. As for being a fool, maybe it's the emperor who's the fool.
  8. Well, there's the (oft' repeated) fact that EN does not publish their roadmap or ETAs. Then I don't know what "meaningful way" you want Evernote to respond. I'd guess if you asked them if they thought highlighting was helpful, pretty, fun, etc. they'd probably all say 'yes'. But I'm not sure what purpose that would serve. What I'd like to know is when is it going to be fixed. It's a matter of opinion whether it's an oversight or a bug or whatever, but I don't think anyone has ever said it should not have been there from the start. And I have been a coder, so I know it's not a major task. I know for sure that when an Evernote clone hits the market with every Evernote feature plus highlighting, and people start migrating their notes for the lack of that one feature, Evernote will suddenly implement it. I'm willing to deal with the fact that there is really nothing that currently competes with Evernote and work around this, but in my mind, that creates a monopoly situation, and we all know what power does. So, to anyone who even thinks about asking for this feature, I say we are wasting our time. After this many years, it's not coming.
  9. Burgers, this isn't a roadmap we're talking about. As I and others have stated, this is not some new and wonderful feature that, were it to get out, Evernote might be beaten to the punch by a rival. This is something every other rich text editor program already does. And it's not a huge programming task either. It would be a couple of hour's work at most. This is at least an oversight, and not too far off a bug. If we were to say, "Hey, the letter E doesn't work when we hit the keyboard," and Evernote was to state that they do not publish roadmaps for such features, everyone would just roll their eyes. dlu, practically every non-listener in the history of mankind would say they listen when told they don't. That's the nature of the non-listener. In fact, it's their biggest flaw. Were non-listeners to actually hear the criticism, they would would respond by saying, "What am I not hearing?" How many years have users been asking for the ability to highlight in Evernote? And what is Evernote's official response? The closest to a response from Evernote has been, "Thanks for posting!" It's the equivalent of me asking my wife to get me a coffee on the way home from dropping our child off from daycare, but she comes back without it. Not because she forgot, not because it was too difficult a task, and not because she didn't listen. In fact, I have no idea why she didn't get me a coffee because all she will say on the matter is, "Thanks for telling me what you would like!" I guess I would just get my own coffee and use TextMarker!
  10. I feel at this stage, considering this feature is a lot easier than some of the other things Evernote have introduced lately, someone at Evernote has just decided, ***** them, they will not dictate to us what goes into our product. I can't think of any other reason no one there has responded to the thread in any meaningful way. And I don't think anything will happen until someone like Google creates something more significant than Google Keep, which at the moment is not much more than a pretty shopping list program for Android. But once they do, Evernote will start listening to users again like they used to. In the meantime, when I want to edit a note, I use Firefox and an add-on called TextMarker! This allows me to highlight text in notes and save it.
  11. I'm not making it more complicated. This is my reaction to their uninformative response. Saying thanks does not necessarily mean thanks. In fact, words without actions often mean nothing. It's classic PR speak. A basic feature is not a roadmap. What do you think, that someone is going to say, "Hey, Evernote is introducing highlighting, let's beat them to the punch!" Hey, you're an evangelist, I get it. I'm just not buying it. Every software company starts out with the idea of giving users what they need, but name me one who has not lost its way. I've worked with some of them, and i can see it happening at Evernote. The whole UI is getting stale. If I didn't have a ton of notes already in Evernote, I'd be looking at other options very intensely over the next few months. Nobody seems to have a complete package at the moment. Google Keep is a post-it note app at the moment and unimpressive if you want to make PC notes. OneNote is like an awkward patched-together Frankenstein monster. Others look pretty, but lack clever integration across platforms. It's there for the taking for Evernote, but if users are asking for a basic feature and they can't even say, yes it's coming, well, someone will catch up soon.
  12. Usually when I tell someone that something is very important to me and they are the only person who can give it to me, I expect something more than, "thanks for posting". It's not like people are suggesting some new feature that's going to elicit a response like, "Highlighting? Wow, that's an interesting new idea" as they race down the hall to tell the developers. Rich text word processors and note-taking programs have had highlighting for years. It's basic stuff, and they can't even say that it's coming. And I understand the Evernote people who post here don't have any power, so why bother posting at all? It's like when you call a company's customer service department and they can't do anything but apologize. It's not customer service if they can't do anything. It gets back to Evernote's key people -- the ones who do have the power -- being out of touch. People are asking for a basic feature, not some complex functionality. If Evernote wants to be number one, they need the basics.
  13. I can't think of a single downside to highlighting. Nor can I think of a reason why no one at Evernote would respond to this request other than the mildly condescending, "Thanks for posting." I think this happens at every successful software company; they lose sight of who their software is for: The users and not the developers.
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