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  1. The Mac instructions said to hold Option and select File -> New Local Notebook. I had to press Control + Option to get New Local Notebook to show up in the File menu.
  2. Cool! Thank you so much. Yes, I would like to be able to access my notes with python, so I appreciate the references. I'm using Applescript at the moment but I find Python much more straight-forward so I'd prefer to work in it.
  3. Yes, thanks! After posting my request, I discovered Applescript and have been making progress with it.
  4. I'd like an easy way to automate evernote. Example automations I'd like to write at things like: add a daily diary page with customizable content (like a list of things to do) when I create a note with tag "foo", create a second note with a title based on the original one etc. I've tried the evernote api but haven't been able to get Oauth to work (I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but that stuff is seriously complicated). If the Evernote engine contained a python interpreter and a way to attach a script to a page so that it would be run on user-specifiable triggers (time of day, page open, page create, etc.), I think that would fill the bill.
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