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  1. I'd really like this feature as well. For now, to get a full screen, non-distracting, non-eye-straining experience, I have to use a seperate app. Two I'd reccommend: OmmWriter & FocusWriter. BUT, I DO have a SHORT-TERM FIX if you want to stay in Evernote: Create a keyboard shortcut for the "Invert Colors" option on your mac (Accessibility->Display->"Invert Colors"). You do this by going to Keyboard->Shortcuts->Accessibility->Invert Colors and choosing a keycombo. Here's an example (funny note -I couldn't screenshot what it looked like in inverse mode, so had to take a photo from my iphone.)
  2. I'm having the same issue. I've tried re-installing and having it open on phone, but no search results and minimal "recently used". Thanks.
  3. I would so so so love this feature. I've been a longtime paid Evernote user and it's the main reason I have to use other note apps. Expanding/collapsing text/outlines is SUCH a more sane way to handle clutter and focus attention. Websites this use this feature rock (i.e. Here's our 5 options --simple choice --you click one and get expanded paragraph) and I LOVE using it in Cloud Outliner (though just checked out the above recommended Workflowy...looks very cool. Offline though?) Thanks! -Leif
  4. I use Evernote links to open local files and to launch local applications --like a Dashboard. It's been wonderful. Now all those links are broken. I spent dozens of hours creating a system that finally worked for me. Now it's toast. Ahhh, now I read that there will be an upcoming fix. I hope it's not the "fix" that happens now, where links basically open a finder window to that file...please say no? Thanks, Leif
  5. Just figured out an elegant way to create local links to everything that Evernote can then link to (thanks to Pathsnagger context menu)

  6. I spent quite some time trying to figure this out...finally, a masterful solution: (BTW, for me the issue is note how to link to large files, but how to link to any files that I'll be constantly updating...thus I don't want attachments) Download the app "PathSnagger" (depending on OSX ver, might need to download Beta. ML ver working fine for me) After installing, st the Path style to "POSIX" and the Prefix to auto insert "file://" (without quotes of course) From then on all you have to do is right click the folder, app, file and use context menu "Snag Path" Then past the link using command-k within evernote! Easy smeezy! Power User tip: You can even link to applications and create launchpads, etc. --cool! Enjoy! -Leif www.SparkInteraction.com www.WheelWidget.com
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