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  1. How about the inability to use the tab key to actually insert a tab rather then jump the entire line across the page.....the mess the bullets make when you wont to continue a bullet or break off and start again....the cut and paste in these environments reveal dozens of irritating bugs. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE........the core function is NOTE taking and anyone that takes notes knows that formatting is what makes it jump out and make sense the 2nd time round......EVERNOTE has not done anything for this very CORE functionality. PLEASE! Why such a sexy editor here but not in your core system?.....mind boggling
  2. Are putting in bullets and then being able to move them and make sub bullets so complicated.....there are SOOOOO many bugs.....if just the functionality you provided worked correctly I'd be 80% satisfied. By the way 100's of applications have sorted getting editors to work on IOS, Android, HTML and the like.....why can't Evernote make an effort?......seems it has not improved or changed in 18 mos. or more.
  3. Agree 100%.....I use Evernote dozens of times a day to guess what.....TAKE NOTES......and you can barley format a note with bullets and separation and go back to edit....IT IS A NIGHTMARE. I've been crazy patient as I love the concept and the greater ability to move between devices seamlessly but the EDITOR STILL BLOWS. How is that possible after some many requests and so many years......what is so magical about just getting your BASE FUNCTIONALITY to WORK?
  4. Why is it the text editor in Evernote which is the primary purpose of Evernote Sucks so bad and for so long that it's government level frustrating?
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