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  1. I'm not hacking my registry to "fix" this bug... This still hasn't been fixed? I use evernote for work and I can't tell how many times that little pop up has broken my train of thought. Please get it fixed now.
  2. I don't understand why installing a third party app or messing in the registry are the only solutions for users who cannot uninstall Evernote. Both of these seem to be a major risk to users. Perhaps I should also have completed a full Windows backup before installing a third party app that I have never heard of nor trust?
  3. BurgersNFries: To fix error 2732, I followed "Revo uninstall" and I backed up my .exb file as directed here. This means the old logs are gone, right?
  4. Thanks, dlu. Unfortunately because of error 2732, I had to uninstall and reinstall Evernote, so my activity log dates from the installation of 4.6.4 only. The issue occurred while I was using 4.6.3.
  5. Could we please write a KB article on this topic? In Evernote, if I go to "Help > Technical Support" and type "Error 2732", no help is offered.
  6. I can't believe Evernote allowed something like this to get through. I've encountered this error on both my home and workstation Windows 64-bit computers. Control panel can't uninstall Evernote. How many thousands of people are having just the same issue?
  7. I've shared one of my work-related notebooks with a coworker. This coworker remarked to me that he had received an email alerting him that a notebook 'self-development' (a personal notebook) had been unshared with him. I never shared this notebook with him, and certainly did not share or unshare any notebook accidentally. I use Evernote for both work and personal purposes. Under no circumstances should any of my sharees have an opportunity to know anything about notebooks that are not shared with them - not even a notebook name. This really shakes my confidence in Evernote to preserve my privacy when sharing content with others. Is this a known bug? Did Evernote accidentally assign him the wrong sharing privileges, then 'fix' the mistake? Thank you, Rebecca
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