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  1. I found a way to solve this... After installing 4.6.4 using evernote.msi, run it again, then choose "Uninstall". After it uninstall, run evernote.msi again, and it will become ver 4.6.4. That is correct, I think ultimately this is the best answer. [vs 4.6.4. run once via .msi installed next to vs 4.6.3 on my PC and I had to remove both and then reinstall from the 4.6.4. version of evernote.msi Are the developers taking any notice of this issue?
  2. YES! thank you for your contribution which worked. installed the evernote.msi after removing the two other evernote files in the Temp as you mentioned. such a relief, I could not see myself dabbling with the registry. thanks again Nathair
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