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  1. Fair. I'm trying that, but it's not the same--I like how Hyatt explains tags vs. notebooks as vertical vs. horizontal organization, and I guess it just makes more sense to me to nest vertically as opposed to horizontally, if that makes any sense. I am playing around with nesting my tags, though.... I guess I also am just curious about WHY evernote has no inclination to provide the capability to nest notebook stacks?!
  2. Nested stacks would be AWESOME. I am a graduate student, and many of my colleagues agree, and would be far more apt to use evernote if this were an option. Acclaimed author, blogger, and businessman Michael Hyatt also advocates for nested stacks when he writes, "Note that I had to divide Work into several stacks, all with the prefix “Work.” This is simply because Evernote doesn’t currently allow the nesting of stacks. (Note to Evernote developers: please consider this as a feature request.)" http://michaelhyatt.com/how-to-use-evernote-if-you-are-a-speaker-or-writer.html
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