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  1. Is the evernote support automated? I've been asked the same questions and to do the same things a few times over, or have been guided to try things that I don't think I would have been asked to do if the history of facts I've sent had been reviewed. It's becoming quite frustrating. Anyone know if there's an evernote help phone line ?
  2. Thank you for helping with this This is a note I created and worked with on my iPad and, as I do not have a premium account, it only was working off the internet sync I believe? I did not use it on a computer nor do I remember seeing it on my computer. It's disappearance was noticed after I synced to a computer (a week or so after when I was finally going back to it) It is not found on my evernote web-based account
  3. I was first using it solely on my ipad. I synced it to a Mac computer around the time it disappeared.
  4. Hello fellow Evernoters I had a very important note filled with audio recordings (interviews) just straight disappear. It was around the time I started syncing my account it to a computer. I've looked in the trash, and it's not there. Searched for it thinking it was moved to another notebool - nothing. Any thoughts? This is kind of a big deal . With thanks
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