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  1. I have'nt submitted a bug report on this, so if you could - that would be great. I didn't think to try this before I submitted my initial question, but I have sinced checked out the search using the web version of Evernote and reminderOrder:* works as expected - only bringing up notes that have an active reminder still set. Thank you.
  2. I set the reminder on notes that I want to follow up on. Sometimes I set a date, but often I don't. I clear the reminder when I have completed the activity required by the note. I created a saved search using reminderOrder:* to bring up all notes with active reminders and I thought I was all set. However, when I clear the reminder because I did what I needed to do regarding that note, it is still showing up in my reminderOrder:* search. I tried to elminate the notes that once had a reminder set but the reminder had been removed with the following search: reminderOrder:* -reminderDoneTime:*, but this doesn't bring up any notes at all. How can I search on Windows for all notes with an active reminder? Thank you.
  3. The Epson Workforce 3520 is a scanner / inkjet printer that can scan directly to Evernote (or Google Drive) without the need for a computer. For Evernote, it actually emails the PDF it creates to your Evernote email address. All of my scans come through to the same Evernote folder with almost the same title. I rename the note and move it to the desired folder and tag it, but sometimes this is a day or two later. It is nice to be able to quickly scan something and not have to worry about accessing a computer, phone or tablet when you are doing the initial scan.
  4. I have tried to search this forum to identify a good, fast scanner that can scan directly to Evernote without any type of other computer, tablet or phone needed for individual scans. I don't have an issue if a PC or Mac is required for the initial setup, but once setup, there will be no computers, tablets or phones connected to the local network. I currently have a multifunction printer / scanner (Epson Workforce 3520) where I can scan to PDF and have it placed directly into Evernote. I believe the way this works is that the scanner composes an email with the PDF file and emails it to an Epson server to Evernote. This works well, but I am hoping to improve on this setup. Improvements I am looking for include: 1. Scanner only (not a multifunction device) 2. Can scan both sides in a single pass 3. Faster 4. Can handle small paper from the document feeder. 5. (Not an absolute requirement) the PDF is OCRed by the scanner I have read a number of favorable reviews about the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner but it looks to me like some computing device (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android) is involved (at least in the background) for each scan to Evernote. Is this correct? While not the exact setup I am trying to make work, picture an environment that receives paper, has only one device on the network (the scanner) and needs to get this information to Evernote. What scanners could do this?
  5. I now agree that alpha outlining can not be reliably used in Evernote and have given up on using Evernote for board meeting prep. Thank you.
  6. The Windows client does support alphabetic outlining if you past from Word with alphabetic outlining. The Evernote windows alphabetic outlining is smart enough to understand if you have 2 items (a and , and insert a new item, it is item c. However, I just discovered if I go to my Android client and add an item, everything is converted back to numeric. There is some type of alpha numbering supported by the Windows client, but it diesn't look like it is fully implemented there and it doesn't look like it is at all implemented on the Android client.
  7. Well that is interesting. In the second instance, what I posted the level 2s were alpha, but when it got posted, the level 2s in the second instance went from a -> 1 and b -> 2.
  8. I would like to work with our assistant to jointly develop agendas in Evernote for board meetings, and then once the agendas are finalized, paste the Evernore agenda in Word. The issue is that the default Evernote level 2 numbering is numeric. See approval items 1 & 2 below: Call to Order 6:30 PM Pledge of Allegiance Citizens’ Forum Citizen Commissions and Committee Applications for Appointments. Approvals Approval item 1 Approval item 2 Now, I can copy the above into Word, and change the formatting on level 2 to alpha (a, b, c, ...) and then past back into Evernote as follows: Call to Order 6:30 PM Pledge of Allegiance Citizens’ Forum Citizen Commissions and Committee Applications for Appointments. Approvals Approval item 1 Approval item 2 If I hit return after Approval item 2, I will get a "c." My question is how can I change the level 2 formatting directly in Evernote? I might need to add a level 2 item under another level 1 item, but the only way I can convert the level 2 items from numeric to alfa is to go through Word. Thank you.
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