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  1. @Rich Tener First of all thanks a lot for your reply. That you reply to these forum post implies that you take user concerns seriously, which is the most important message of all. And if indeed you do not use hotjar on the web-client, >80% of my concerns disappear. This is really good news. And thanks so much for clarifying that. Now - if you allow - I would like to reply to your other points even if it gets slightly more technical: * I guess like most users I enter the web-client through https://evernote.com and then "No-Script" clearly shows hotjar scripts being loaded - and Pi-Ho
  2. That's correct. It seems Evernote has been using hotjar for quite a while, but only amended it's privacy policy very recently. Which in my personal opinion is an issue, since you cannot change the settings in Evernote directly. And as the average user you would not detect your session being recorded by hotjar. So until this amended policy was published, as an average user you would not even know it was being recorded, let alone know how to opt out.
  3. Hi, his would be off topic. I explained my frustrations and some more details in another thread which I just opened. But in a nutshell - Evernote uses what is called "session replay" (only) when you enter your account via browser. "Session replay" tracks your mousemovements and key strokes. It is used so Evernote can optimise their web-design. A side effect is that the analytics company (in this case"hotjar") can and does record everything you type, so also your content. Also the stuff you deleted again before clicking "save". This deleted stuff is not stored on the EN servers, but is sto
  4. Recently a study from Princeton analysed what is called session replay. Oversimplified, it is a third party company acting as man in the middle between your PC and the website you are visiting, which then tracks and stores every mouseclick and keystroke to help the site owner analyse their website. In order to do this, everything you type is not only stored at the website (like for example Evernote), but also on the servers of the analytics company. Obviously this poses a significant security issue. Or like one of the researchers from Princeton puts it: "Collection of page content by third-p
  5. The issue has reappeared. It has been more than a year. There are several forum threads. No solution. No interest from Evernote it seems. This is one of the two reasons that I have today cancelled my subscription. The other reason are privacy concerns when using Evernote in the browser - I thought my notes were only stored on "Evernote" servers, Until recently I was not aware every keystroke and mousemovement when logging in through a browser was being tracked and stored on servers of a third party. When Evernote was "caught red-handed" the reaction was not a public statement, but a
  6. THANKS SO MUCH. I know it sounds probably stupid, but when I use Evernote I am usually concentrated, so this distraction, however small it was, was really annoying. Worked for me (for now). Oliver
  7. Same situation here: downgraded from Premium to Plus. Agree, this is really annoying, keeps appearing every 15 min and/or after every sync. Worst thing is that it even has a different color- so really stands out. There are so many things Evernote could improrve, for example if I work on an apop and the Windows Version, font changes. Or in a list there is an additional space. Etc Guys, if your biggest worry is about implementing an advertising feature to your paying customers, which you cannot switch off or get rid off, then you won't survive long..
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