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  1. Thanks! To others: "Our feeling was that the previous limit was too low for active use, so we chose to remove the limits altogether with the introduction of unlimited monthly uploads. Unfortunately, “unlimited” is such a powerful term that it ended up being both confusing and problematic. Almost instantly, people began using Evernote in a completely new way: mass file storage and backup. We designed Evernote as a productivity service to allow you to create and keep your important work in one place. We’re your second brain, not your second hard drive. When people began using Evernote in this new unintended fashion, we started seeing a degradation in service quality. That’s not good for anyone. So, instead of the heady “unlimited”, we’re choosing a limit that’s well beyond the needs of 99.999% of our current user base: 10 GB per month. Over time, we expect that file sizes will continue to increase and, as they do, we’ll keep improving the service and increasing limits so that Premium users can continue to use Evernote without worry."
  2. I have just purchased the Premium-version of Evernote, because they promised med that I would have "unlimited uploads". However in my Account Summary on the web this is written: 10 GB (100%) remaining this month Your monthly limit resets in 30 days Monthly uploads: 10 GB Note size limit: 200 MB Is this a mistake, or do I have an upload limit, even though stated otherwise? And if this is not a mistake - how come it is that way? THANKS!
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