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  1. This is a serious fiasco. For those of us who are users, not junior software developers, this sucks. Evernote needs to understand who their target audience is before releasing untested updates into the wild. I'm staying with the program for now but won't for long as soon as something equal comes along if this continues. I use Evernote Premium a lot and like it in my job in business development. I don't have time to ***** around with installers, registry edits etc. Evernote needs to fix this ASAP. I use Evernote Premium on Win 8, Office 2013 laptop, Win 7-64 Open office PC, Iphone, and Ipad. I've only encountered the problem so far on the Win 8 machine and will not upgrade on anything else until the issues are fully resolved. I don't have a support staff to fix this for me and really I don't have the time or inclination to fix it myself which looks to be doable.
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