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  1. So I just tried Notability which my kid has switched to and sure enough they support spell check just fine with my Bluetooth keyboard. I'm used to and comfortable with Evenote but three years without a fix is pushing my patience.
  2. Evernote blames Apple and there may be issues with the Apple API's but somehow almost every other app has figured out how to provide spell check with a Bluetooth keyboard. Come on Evernote.
  3. C'mon Evernote, my family has three paid subscriptions and you haven't fixed this problem that has been around for three years at least.
  4. Just updated my iPhone to iOS 7 beta 5 and I too have the scrolling while typing issue on the iPhone but not on the iPad. Your mileage may vary!
  5. Still working perfect for me on iOS 7 beta 5 on iPad 4th Gen. Not sure why it works for me and not others... Maybe it is related to my using an external Bluetooth Keyboard (Logitech Ultra Thin) but I'm not seeing the scrolling issue or any others.
  6. Just did some testing on iOS7 beta 4 on the iPad with an external keyboard and I'm not seeing any problems with entering text and it seems to be synchronizing OK. I didn't do a lot of testing but maybe between iOS 7 beta 4 and/or a recent update from Evernote the issues seem to have been resolved?!
  7. Evernote Beta Tester application which might be useful to others: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/25039-wanted-evernote-ios-beta-testers-food-hello-skitch-and-penultimate/page-7 I just applied so I have no idea how useful it may be for those with iOS7 compatability issues.
  8. Hi BurgerNFries, again your post is of zero value regarding this issue so wouldn't it be better to simply not reply or if you have contacts within Evernote maybe you could find someone within Evernote that would like some Evernote beta testers to test Evernote's upcoming production release that will address iOS7 compatibility issues. I too am an app developer and iOS7 has caused our apps problems also and I'd guess there is zero chance that Evernote is not already working on builds to address iOS7 issues.
  9. Hi BurgerNFries, I know you are trying to be helpful but regarding this subject you don't know enough to give an answer that is useful for the question being asked so I'd prefer you either stay quiet or tell us who could get us useful information. As an app developer and long time Evernote user I would bet that Evernote is already working on iOS7 compatible versions. There are people (not you and not me) that know how far along they are. Evernote might even want to include people like us in testing Evernote's beta iOS7 compatible version. Nobody is expecting you to be able to answer every question but snarky answers saying (see answer #2 and quit wasting our time because) there will be no Evernote version that works with iOS7 until iOS7 is released is both wrong and annoying. At a minimum there will be beta Evernote versions prior to production rollout and Evernote will likely release a production version before iOS7 goes live so they don't have a huge number of upset customers on iOS7 rollout day.
  10. People are asking legitimate questions regarding when Evernote will be compatible with the iOS 7 betas. Answers implying we shouldn't be expecting Evernote be working on compatibility prior to final production roll-out are worthless. Some people for example need to run iOS 7 beta on their devices for testing their own apps and don't have an extra phone for still using Evernote. If you don't know when Evernote will be be coming out with an update that addresses the compatibility issues that is ok but kindly just say that or direct us to someone who can provide a useful answer.
  11. I have the same problem but it is March 2013?! Clicking title then body didn't help. Clicking on a word I know is wrong a couple times sometimes helps... HELP
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