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  1. Thx a lot jbignert, I appreciate what you're saying and the challenges. You said: >> If you post the URL of the site I will put it on a ticket to fix it. To be honest, I get this issue pretty much from every site I clip from. The example I posted is from the HBR blog site (oh, why can't I paste into this editor!? and why does the javascript bomb when using the otherwise clumsy link control!?) http://blogs.hbr.org but I have the same issue with anything from LinkedIn, McKinsey and a range of other business sites. Cheers
  2. Hi jefito, and thanks for the return post. I am using IE 11, Win 7 64 bit both fully patched. I am running of Evernote for Windows. I opened this discussion for *both* the help from the Web Clipper team and to see if anyone else is experiencing the same outcomes. So I'd like to leave this post open in order to gauge other users experiences. Warm regards
  3. When clipping articles I often find I get results I don't want: The pictures are not showing - instead I get a default box with a broken link like icon Text jumbles up and can make it unreadable Both of these can be seen in this example What surprises me is, very rarely, everything works.
  4. Thx jbignert, Yes, it happens most of the time and seems URL agnostic. The exception is when it doesn't happen - once only in the last months at a guess.
  5. Hello, I have an issue with web clipper for Windows on IE11 I have a web page I want to clip. I click the elephant icon. The yellow lines appear around the text along with a UI garbled web clipper interface (please see attached). Anyone else get this?
  6. Yes!!! Oh, sorry, decorum in the forum. Yes +! Seriously though, what development process must be in place for the team to conclude search doesn't belong on the main screen? Seems to defy logic.
  7. Hello, I recently upgraded to 5.01 and have noticed the following: Web Clipper doesn't seem to work - get an error 'cannot connect to server'Skitch integration doesn't seem to work - in a PDF, selected text, right click 'Markup with Skitch' - nothing happens at allThoughts?
  8. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/35616-constant-difference-of-opinion-with-the-evangelists/ Hello Burgers, you're making a point here which, if I understood it I would respond to. Can you help me out by being clearer and to the point? Thanks
  9. Hi Chris, I appreciate your comments. I agree that evangelists on this board do their very best to provide help. In fact you have personally helped me. That said, my point was around speaking on behalf of an entity with a mandate to do so, not about the helpfulness of evangelists. I hope that's clearer? Take care
  10. I actually think OneNote is THE product EN should look at in terms of "how can we make our product better". And maybe Springpad too, they are doing something interesting stuff. I much prefer EN to ON, though at times I've gone back and forth on that subject. But EN should look at everything ON does better, just in the way that Apple just updated OS7 to reflect all the things that Android does better. But instead I often see a lot of fanboi attitude on these forums which results in the attitude that EN has nothing to learn from ON and "if you want that use ON" One thing EN should do IMO is add some features that power users would love even if they don't see them as crucial to the greater market place. A simple example? Sortable tables. ON 2013 now has it. EN should have it too. Awesome useful feature for EN geeks. Yeah it's interesting to read a number of posts from people who say they are not part of Evernote and then go on speak authoritively on their behalf :-) And I agree re OneNote with the exception of going back and forth. I'm clear EN is my current product as platform support is higher on my priority list than a great editor ... but just.
  11. I don't expect every 2013 app to have the document and spreadsheet capabilities of word and excel... unless you mean Office 2013, then you'd be right. But Evernote isn't an office suite replacement and never will be. It really sounds like you want Evernote to be OneNote ... so use OneNote. Hello Browncoat, I admit I'm an "and" kinda guy as distinct from an "or" kind. So I want to multi platform AND editing. As for editing at Word level, that's neither what I said nor what I am wishing for, but, that said, OneNote is an example of a great editor. It's interesting how the discussion around editor functionality seems to quickly become 'it's not Word so take Evernote as it is or choose something else.' I do want to use Evernote for all my note taking and editing on my many devices. That's why I love it. And I would like a decent editor too. Seems like a reasonable request to me.
  12. I should also say that I think Evernote is quite fantastic, I'm a big fan.
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