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  1. I know that the EverNote team is pushing very hard to have people use the tags system. And tags are great! But it doesn't always work. Tags are cumbersome and require time and diligence to apply them. I use EN for work and personal affairs. For personal affairs, I have (most of the time) plenty of time. I use it to organise a trip, create a to do list, have some documents in there. Tags are great! For work however, I do not have time to apply tags, I want to just add a note for a certain customer's project, I quickly want my stuff in EN. Tags are too time consuming! For work I have multi
  2. I would also like to request this feature. I am aware of using tags instead of folders, but folders work more naturaly for me and quicker. I use EN A LOT, especialy for screen grabs. Having the ability to just put them in a folder would make life very easy! It does not have to be a seperate notebook, just a folder will do. From a development perspective, I am sure it cannot be too much effort.
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