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  1. It's really getting on my nerves, that I can't install Evernote for a few months already! I tried all "fixes" but none of them worked for me. They should really hurry up and release the Evernote 5 beta for Windows and create a proper (*.msi) installer, which doesn't seem to ***** about a installed version even there's no clue of Evernote to be found by any program or in the registry at all. :/
  2. Thanks! It's working without problems now!
  3. It's nice to see, that Evernote finally works with my favourite Brwoser. But it's kinda sad to see, that Opera needed to change from a great browser with perfect ideas to a Chromium with Operaesque look to finally get it supported. By the way, it still doesn't work for me. I always get: ( Any idea to fix it? Or the direct link to the chrome extension (because it probably should also work).
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