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  1. Hi bamf, sorry to hear about that. The surest way to stop the sync is to turn your wifi or cellular connection off by putting your iPad in Airplane mode. The icon at the top-right of the note should change from a spinning indicator to a static one, and you should be able to view the document. Still, syncing 5 documents shouldn't take that long, even if Skitch is downloading other Skitch notes down to your iPad. Is this problem still happening? Can you provide some additional information? Which version of Skitch are you using and on what iPad model?Were the photo documents taken with Skitch's camera or were they selected from your Photo Library?Was Skitch trying to download any Skitch notes from your Evernote account to your iPad?Did you edit the note Name or the Notebook that the note would sync to?Thanks, Jer
  2. I am using the latest Evernote for iOS, version 7.1.2, but when I try to mark up an image as shown in your blog post, there's no Crop icon. I get all the other unidentifiable markup icons but no crop icon. What's up with that? Crop is crucial, especially in an iPhone with the tiny screen so I can focus in even if the camera makes me stand 12 feet away since there's no macro focus ability on iPhones. Hello dzurn, looks like the post will need some updating, thanks for pointing that out. We've recently moved the crop into the overflow menu. Open it by tapping the button at the top right that looks like three dots. The crop option is in that menu. You can adjust the crop area as you like, then tap Crop to crop the image.
  3. Sounds great! Yup I'd seen the reboot on some of our test iPads as well and it tied back to the same root cause. If you still see frequent crashes, do let us know. Jer
  4. Good morning Kelly, thanks for sharing the activity log! Based on the logs, it looks like your iPads are running on an older version of Skitch. Our latest version, 3.0.2, included a bug fix specifically to address the iPad crashing just as you described. Could you please download the latest Skitch update through the App Store? Skitch version 3.0.2 should be a lot more stable on iPads. Glad to hear you love Skitch and use it in the classroom. If you run into any trouble or if you still notice frequent crashes on the newest version, please feel free to reach out to me. Thank you, Jer
  5. @Southdowns, regarding the Camera Roll issue, Skitch update 3.0.2 was just released which gives you the option to browse through and select a specific photo from your collection. The image dashboard now shows a few of your most recent photos and screenshots for quick access, and at the bottom of this list is a "Photo Library" option where you can navigate through your albums and photo streams. I understand there are some users that may want to use Skitch without Evernote. Starting with Skitch 3.0, your images are actually saved and sent as rich Skitch images (not flat images); the annotations will remain editable as long as the image hasn't been altered by the share method (MMS might shrink it for example). If you'd prefer, you could always save the image to your Camera Roll and use your device's storage as a library, or mail the image to yourself. In either case, the Skitch annotations will remain editable for future editing in Skitch iOS. Hopefully this has a place in your workflow. That said, also consider that our latest update introduced the option to automatically save to Evernote. With this feature, your Skitch notes are conveniently stored in Evernote after each successful save. There are a hundred different ways you can use Skitch, but in my opinion, Skitch works best when paired with Evernote!
  6. Good morning all, The Skitch 3.0.2 update has been released and includes an answer for the Camera Roll issue. Now, the first few photos (and screenshots) are shown in the image picker for quick access and at the bottom of this short list is an option to browse the rest of your Photo Library. More info here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/43968-skitch-ios-302-has-been-released/ Thanks, Jer
  7. Hi SFsoma99, thanks for the feedback! Crop is already available among the Skitch tools. If you have Evernote for iOS 7, you can also mark up the document with Skitch tools inside Evernote itself using Evernote Markup - that should be useful if you snapped the photo with the doc camera. Here's a guide on how to use Markup: http://evernote.com/evernote/guide/ios/#4 Image rotation for iOS is on our to do list and we hope to deliver it soon. For now, Evernote for Mac will also allow you to rotate images. Hope that helps, Jer
  8. Hi DougieRay, we hear you! We've already submitted a new build which will allow you to navigate through all your image, since this is one of the most requested features. The new "Dashboard" will have a "Photo Library" option at the bottom that allows you to browse through your photos. We're publishing it to the App Store as soon as Apple completes their review. It should look something like this:
  9. Hi @soundsgoodtome, Your description is spot on; the pixelation area has been constrained to 40% of the image. The rationale for this is that pixelation is a resource intensive task especially when pixelating a large area multiple times. The typical use case is to pixelate small regions (license plates, ID cards, faces) hence the constraint; but if you would like to pixelate a larger area, you can always select the pixelate tool again. Optimizing pixelation is one of the items in our to-do list but for now, we've decided to constrain the region that can be pixelated at one time. If you have any suggestions to improve the pixelation experience, please let us know!
  10. Thank you both for confirming. We are working on a fix right now to push out with the next update for Skitch.
  11. Hi @splendidleigh, have you tried marking up your PDF inside Evernote for iOS 7? We've integrated Skitch's markup features into Evernote so now you can open and edit your PDF straight from within your note. If you've tried it, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it.
  12. Hi @aparmely @adychen, I appreciate the feedback. This is not intended behavior; it's a known issue and we are currently working to get this fixed. I'm trying to isolate the cause right now. From what I see, this issue gets triggered when you have 200 or more photos organized into Albums. Can you let me know if that's true for your devices? As a temporary workaround, you can take advantage of the "open from clipboard" feature. If you have a specific photo in your Camera Roll (or Safari) that you would like to work with, long-press on it to bring up the "Copy" option. Copy the image and it should appear as the first option in Skitch's image picker. Hope that helps until we can get this problem fixed.
  13. Hello Nimai, thanks for responding. Ahh I see what you mean about the colors. There are plans to add a color picker to the desktop client so that you can annotate with your preferred colors, so this feature may be coming soon. Thanks for expounding on how you think the highlighters ought to work. That's an interesting use case, using colors to match text to highlighted passages, and I could see that being useful. I'm taking note of that. I really appreciate the constructive criticism! It's always good to hear about how we can make Skitch better.
  14. Hi Nimai, thanks for the feedback! Yes, currently the highlighter tool defaults to yellow whenever it is selected. The idea behind it is that we needed the highlighter to have a color that emphasizes the text it's highlighting without drowning it out. Yellow works in most cases so we settled on that. We may change this behavior in the future so if you have a specific recommendation or preference, please tell us about it. About your second post, even though the tool defaults to yellow, you should be able to change the color after you've selected it. If that doesn't work, that is a bug and I would like to get some more information so I can reproduce the issue on my end.
  15. Hi everyone, Skitch 2.6.2 just hit the App Store now! Among the bug fixes is a fix to prevent merge conflicts during syncing, which reared its ugly head as "Cocoa Error 133020". The new version's sync has been improved and significantly reduced instances of note loss during syncing. On top of that, we improved PDF rendering to keep the content nice and crisp even at maximum zoom. Please be sure to check it out! Again, thanks for all your feedback; your feedback on these forums helps us deliver a better product for you all. Keep it coming! Jer
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