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  1. yeah been through it. Possible new solution found. went to C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Temp found three references that didn't come up in searches ran the windows installer package I found there. evernote installed to 4.6.4 current no errors.
  2. Found every instance of evernote in the c drive appdata everything. Deleted it from registry. Cccleaner. no sign of evernote . totally "clean" go to re install, same error. Go to re install 3.4.1 . shows I have newr version. Evernote cant be expunged from the computer to do a re install. very bad mojo. Need assistance.
  3. Same issue, did the revo uninstall. now cant re install. says its still sees a version of evernote on board but cc cleaner and revo dont. and neither do my lying eyes. win 7 64 bit office 2010. cant install older versions either. same error or "evernote already installed."
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