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  1. hahaha. For sure. If we could have seen ads back then for the current machines - 8 gigs of memory, 2T SSD storage, 4k resolution - in a laptop for <$1,500. Hahaha. We would not have believed it and a whole bunch of hardware companies would have folded their tents right then and there. Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated.
  2. Nice. Ram drive. hahaha. Reminds me of some software I installed in the 80's that would swap data from the region of RAM btwn 640k and 1m down into the 640k region so it could be manipulated. Thanks for your help with Evernote. Invaluable.
  3. Hey Pink E. All great advice. I will work through this and let you know how the SSD install goes (or if I bail and hire someone to do it!)
  4. Pink Elephant. All good now. Curiously when Evernote started back up I was signed in and Tasks were working just fine. Not sure what happened. (I know that I deleted my data because I went to empty my recycle bin and my Evernote data file was the only file in there). But everything is working again, so that is great. Thanks for your help!
  5. Pink Elephant. Thank you! The web client looks just like my desktop now! Home button and everything. Thank you for pointing out that setting. I had no idea. I am waiting for Evernote to restart on my desktop and I am noticing in the Task Manager there are 5 Evernote icons all cycling through the CPU and memory, but it is yet to pop open on my screen. I had it set to load on startup and I have also clicked the app icon in the Windows Start menu. Any idea why it is taking so long to load? I do not have a solid-state drive (I have one sitting in my drawer ready to install but I never get the time to make sure I know what I am doing before I try installing it). Thanks again for the help with the web client. Once I have Evernote on my desktop I will give you an update
  6. Uninstalling, re-installing did not help. Same problem still on the desktop app. 10.20.4. (2893). The Tasks do show up inside my notes on my desktop app, and seem to be working normally inside of the notes. Hope this can get fixed soon.
  7. Hi Tammy, Got it on the stand-alone task. Yes it would be great to add Tags. I expect that Tasks has been such a welcome addition that we will see enhancements to their functionality continuing. Regarding my Task not showing up - in the main Evernote window. Windows 10 desktop computer. Still not working. Scares me when stuff like this happens!
  8. This just started last night. But persists this morning. When I click on Tasks on the left side-bar, the Tasks panel appears, with its usual headings, but all I get is a spinning green circle which goes on forever. When I checked on the Web app, all of my Tasks appear as a white space with the caption "Content not supported". I will uninstall and reload the app on my Win10 desktop, as a first attempt to solve. Any other information on this?
  9. btw, I would love it if you could add tags to tasks as well.
  10. You can create a Task in any note, right? No need for them to all be in a "Things to do" note. Just bringing this to your attention. My Tasks are not loading at all right now, so I came here to see if there was a solution, and saw your comment. Hope this helps. (and I hope I understood your comment properly 🙂 )
  11. Thx PinkE. What does it mean "likely was a server side issue & fix"? I am not too up on some of these terms.
  12. Thx stocky. I have not used it on the mobile client. I will. I use a Windows 10 desktop computer and an iPhone, so I should be able to test that. Brutal that Evernote is not able to prioritize and solve "Search" issues. Information is not worth storing if you can't find it again. But I do remain a fan.
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