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  1. Increase the upload limitations. I have tournament video's that I would like to archive but cannot due to the 200M limitation on my account.
  2. I tried to search before I started this thread. I have been using evernote for a while now and ended up paying for it. One thing I have always loved was the ability to clip to evernote. This has been extremely handy when parsing through various tech blogs and taking notes on things I am sure to run into later in my career. With the demise of Google Reader in sight, I am looking for a good alternative to keep my news addiction. So far none of them are worth it to me. While I was browsing some of my saved blogs in my evernote account it hit me. I thought maybe the evernote team would be interested in creating something like an RSS feed reader (EverReader?) site with direct ties to evernote. I cannot save things at my work due to evernote being blocked, but if there was a way I could log into my feeds and just save them to a separate folder there, that would be nice. Plus this might bring the joys of evernote to more people. Just a thought, let me know what you think!
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