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  1. It would be awesome if we could not just be able to color code notes, but color code notebook stacks as well.. here's a screenshot
  2. We need a sharing dashboard. I don't know what is shared with whom. its very convoluted. Be nice to have a dashboard whereby you can see all files and folder shared with people and able to do two things: 1. Suspend 2. Delete sharing This should be in the dropdown menu called sharing as a top level nav with all the sharing features available. first thing should be dashboard.
  3. On the app, its super hard to get a link to copy. be great if you could click and hold on the link and be able to copy it. also, the option to goto youtube directly would be great. the evernote "wrapper" is limited. watch what i am talking about here: https://cl.ly/3a0Z2X3p3C0b
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