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  1. Sometimes my notes contain VBA code like "sheet3", "columns.count", "EntireRow", etc. and with punctuation that is not grammatical. So I end up with notes filled with irrelevant red underlines that are not only distracting but annoying. Is there a way to stop spell checking locally, just on the current note?
  2. I wanted to find all the titles in my notebook that had both tag1 and tag2. I selected 2 tags and imagined my results would be a list of titles with both those tags. In the example that would have been 4 titles. But in one case only 1 title came up with both tags, in the other 4 tiles; the result I expected, came up plus a dozen others. How should I have set this search up, so only the titles that the 2 tags would appear in the result?
  3. I have the "Clearly" icon on my Chrome Browser. It opens and works fine until I try to save the edits by clicking the Elephant icon: see attachment. That goes well. I get a text with an OTP, that never works! I've tried over and over until I'm stopped due to too many failed tries. I tried signing onto EV first, which I accomplish without a problem, then try again, but I get the same prompt to sign on every time and the OTP fails every time. btw I use the same password for all EV related sites, like the forum etc..
  4. Thanks Jeff, I'll keep that in mind when searching.
  5. I feel vindicated! I can't tell you how helpless, and a little stupid, I"'ve been made to feel by this issue and by my inability to comprehend the convoluted explanations I've gotten for why I find myself at odds with my search results. I've blamed myself for failing to understand what should be a very simple, intuitive, process. I expected EV to find things easily and quickly, without forcing me to set up complicated search criteria. I really like EV's ability to collect and store data, but I've been really disappointed by how complicated it is to find it once it's been stored. Frankly, I'm baffled by their failure recognize this issue and address it. It makes me wonder how they've achieved such a following. In the meantime, I will focus on tags, which I too use a lot of. Thanks for telling me about text expanders, I'm impressed! I just added Breevy to my laptop and "Textpand" onto my cell phone!!
  6. One of the most confusing aspects of EN, for me, is the search function, it just doesn't get me the results I expect! I find myself wasting a lot of time and often end up with irrelevant results or getting too many results, that I then have to search through. When I found a "search" You-tube Video in the EV Channel that I'm subscribed to it was for Mac users and when Francesco D'Alessio clicked inside the search field he got a raft of drop-down options to select from, options that narrowed his search; including "recent searches". In Windows, I don't get anything at all when I click the empty search field! The Mac interface seems to display everything I'd need to find what I'm looking for quickly while the Window interface often leaves me with little or no help. Before posting this I "searched" for a youtube search video for Windows and found one, but it was nowhere near as good as Francesco's and it didn't have anything close to the options he got when he clicked the search field on his Mac.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Sounds too complicated and not at all intuitive but I will try and understand the in's and out's of the process you've tried to help me understand, a process that, seems to me, should be more simple and intuitive Frankly, I'm surprised more people aren't expressing frustration with the complexity of doing a simple search in EN.
  8. It seems, to me, that EV searches should be more intuitive, and less fussy. I've been using EV for years and I still spend way too much time finding things. I usually give up on Searching and simply narrow my search to items that I've tagged, and search visually. I believe what complicates my searches is the default setting of filters, settings that produce unwanted and confusing results. See my attachment.
  9. I appears that the text is realigning while I type, it's isn't the cursor that jumps, it's the text around it. I have the sync set to 5 min but it seems like the text I'm typing is trying to sync with the text that is in the cloud. I will have to pay closer attention to this behavior so I can more accurately describe it in a f\u message.
  10. Thanks, I will try that, but it seems like a lot of work to solve what appears to be a common problem or simple frustration. Wonder why Tool/options are available to stop this from happening while editing notes.
  11. It was already deselected, apparently by default.
  12. Sorry, yes, I'm on a Windows 10 computer.
  13. I am very frustrated by the way EN text jumps around as I edit notes. I appreciate that this has something to do with keeping notes sync'd, which is good, but I find myself slowed down and frustrated when it happens because every time it happens, and it happens every few seconds, I lose my place and have to stop to find it again.
  14. Since updating EN I am unable to start a new note. I've tried Ctrl-N, the "New Note" icon in the upper left of the screen, or the File drop-down. A window flashes onto the screen in response to all these efforts but disappears in less than a second later. I tried running Sync, then I tried shutting EN down and was warned that would disable 'Clipping Functions", whatever that means, then I tried rebooting all to no avail. I only recently had my IT service scan my system for issues and they found none so I don't think I'm dealing with a virus or malware. PS I just discovered what was going on! Every time I tried to open a New Note it got Minimized to my Taskbar, where I found several blank New Notes. How do I make EV open a New Note on my screen instead of Minimized on my Taskbar?
  15. I get it, finally! Thanks for your determined effort to help me understand what I still believe to be a counter-intuitive process! (-:
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