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  1. My issue seems to be gone. My default browser font is now called 'default' and gotham is gone from my options, thankfully. 'default' looks just fine. It may be because I changed my default font in the Windows app. BTW - I never did hear back from anyone, but the fix seems to be in ????
  2. Looks like they have a solution for Windows. Here's a clip: HiI'm sorry you are facing issues with your Evernote. My name is Margarida, I'm a member of the Evernote Expertise Network. We are experienced Evernote users who assist the Support Staff by helping out fellow Evernote users in the community. Have you tried changing the default font setting on your Evernote on windows? To change the default font on Windows, please go to Tools > Options > Note. However, browser still appears to be Gotham. Have a question in. Will post here if I hear back.
  3. Thanks. I feel so dumb. Never knew about Shortcuts - only widgets. Thanks!
  4. That's my phone and I have the same problem. What is a shortcut and how do I get that? I'm not looking to add a specific note, but a "Mic" icon so I can record thoughts on-the-fly. Only have 1x1 worth of space? An icon like OneNote's would be awesome!
  5. Tags are indeed useful. That notwithstanding, they are not a hierarchical structure. They are...tags! You're not being organized using tags - you're tagging. That's OK if your data search needs are significantly random and your frequency of access is small. Consider this. You use evernote to keep records of product builds. You have software products and hardware products. Ignoring the former, you have seven families of hardware products. Any family has 2-4 SKU's, and each SKU has 30-200 components, assembly instructions and reams of test data. How are you going to organize efficient
  6. Unfortunately, the choice of nested structures versus tags is a matter of the original Data Structure decision and is probably fundamental. To Google, it makes sense since most of the data they address is unstructured and is difficult to keep a directory in a tabular format. In Evernote, it was just a bad choice and is probably irreparable without a complete rewrite, or a performance-diminishing overlay structure. Evernote is still very useful, but it really is a shame that it can't be so much more so. Use tags where you can. I know it's twice the work, but it will help you index importa
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