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  1. Same issue here... I have had mine replaced (for free, good service) but the pen is a peace of sh#t.. Eating batteries like a madman, inaccurate..etcetc.. switched to Bamboo completely. Bamboo stylus is fantastic, extremely accurate, usb charging. Using the bamboo paper since PU6 was released (favorited penultimate 5)..
  2. Same here, I even had my JotScript replaced (for free) but it didn't change anything! I gave up on penultimate about a month ago and have been working with Wacom Bamboo.. A huge relieve and a well working note taking app! My suggestion to evernote is to dump penultimate and OEM Bamboo!
  3. I have seriously tried to work with v 6.0 and the later released update to it. It's absolutely impossible to work with it. My JotScript (purchased aug. 14, 2014) looses connection al the time / writes fractions and eats batteries like crazy. Page handling is awful so is the menu structure etc..etc... I have removed the app completely and switched to Wacom Bamboo Paper.. a great note-taking app, like a note taking app should be! Bamboo Paper has an interface with Evernote to store the notes and by the way their stylus is awesome. Evernote .. get rid of Penultimate.. don't waist your time on such a ***** app.. make a deal with an existing note taking app builder (like wacom) and focus on Evernote!! Extremely disappointed with Evernote.. your message that you heard us is just for show and with the amount of negative responses the only way possible to respond..Evernote didn't solve anything except 2 quick fixes. I will start looking for an alternative for Evernote as well.
  4. I 100% agree with this. There is a 'gap' between the end of the stylus, and where the 'ink' appears. I'm using the Jot Script (Evernote Edition) and right now it's no better (maybe worse) then a cheap $2 drug store stylus. Evernote - please fix this crappy application, and get the $80 stylus to properly work in the application that it was (supposedly) designed for. Stop trying to sell us socks, water bottles, and messenger bags, and fix the applications that we all have come to love and rely on. Please. I totally agree and have the same issue with my jot script... although penultimate has changed a bit since the 1st issue of r6.0 it's still a not worthy to mention app. In the current condition I would have never started using this app at all. Having used 6.0 for a few weeks now I can summarize that: writing is worse then r 5.x; page scrolling is almost impossible.. give us back the page turn arrow; bluetooth connection is flaky; Jot Script styles is eating my batteries... average use, 2 weeks and the battery needs to be replaced. I give it until the end of this year..
  5. I WOULD SAY THAT AWFULL IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.!! This latest update completely F**ckedUp an important customer meeting due to the fact that I didn't have time enough to figure out how to deal with the new user interface.. This is the most customer unfriendly / ugly @#$%, update of any piece of software I have ever experienced (in my 35+ years of IT professional)
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