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  1. I agree. It is way overdue for the Silk browser.
  2. Here we are in May 2016 and still no web clipper for the Silk web browser. I am running on the Amazon Fire OS tablet 5th generation.
  3. Here is the response from Evernote: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/11/19/note-penultimate/ We take a big approach to redesigns. We think that as devices become more powerful and operating systems change, our apps should follow suit. A week ago, we released an update to Penultimate, our handwriting app for iPad, that was meant to demonstrate our vision of where digital handwriting is headed. We did not do a good job. Simply put, we released this version too soon. Our big ideas were overshadowed by usability issues and incomplete features. The complaints from the community have been loud and justified. Here’s what we’re doing about it. This week, we are submitting an update to Apple with the following improvements: The drift feature returns with scroll speeds that match your writing speedThe zoom box will be resizableIntroduction of a sliding tray within a note to let you jump to specific sections easilyThe ability to insert a page above or belowThe ability to clear and delete a full pageAdding page breaks and page numbersNote titles will be turned on by default (you can turn them on manually now)We have heard complaints of missing notes and notebook. As far we know, there is no data loss associated with this update. In this new layout, each Penultimate notebook became its own long note. Scrolling through the note displays the notebook’s content. The sliding drawer that we’re introducing will let you easily navigate to any part of a note. Learn more about notes in Penultimate in ourknowledge base. We’re continuing to apply your feedback and enhance the experience. In the coming weeks and months you’ll see improved functionality and new features that will make Penultimate better than it’s ever been. As a company grows, a common external perception is that it loses touch with the needs of its users, and events like this only further that feeling. This is fundamentally not true at Evernote. We’re sorry. We screwed up. We’ve heard your feedback, and are going to make things better. Once we’ve solved the immediate issues, we’ll change our process to make sure big new releases go better in the future. We do believe that we’re taking Penultimate in the right direction, but this was not the way to unveil our vision. Redesigns are important, especially for an app like Penultimate. As technology races ahead, activities like handwriting are in danger of becoming nostalgic. We think Penultimate can play a significant role in keeping handwriting a vital part of our lives. Thanks for your feedback. Keep it coming. Jamie Hull Vice President, Mobile Products
  4. I am not a fan of the new redesign as it is not a finished or completed by any means. I am a fan though of what I think it could be like. I like the fact that it is cleaned up and looks less cluttered. This afternoon while reading the various news sites, I came upon this little jewel: http://beta.next.cnn.com/, and my first thought was maybe this is where Evernote is headed with this project. If so, keep going.
  5. The only way I know how to do it so far is not the easiest way in the world. Bring up a note, then at the top of the note, click on the new tag space, and it will let you create a new tag for that note. I have not found a way to create a new tag from scratch yet. If you want to delete a tag, you have to be in the old web version, not the beta version, to delete it. Hope this helps.
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