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  1. 17 hours ago, csihilling said:

    Workaround.  Do an ANY search for "Email campaign", "email list", "Email lists", "Email marketing", select all the notes, hit Shift-Alt-T for the tag selection dialog, and add the tag Emails to all the notes.  Then do a new search for the tag:emails and locate a note containing each of the other tags and delete (not remove) the tag from the note.  This will delete the tag from all notes as quickly as possible I think.  Just a couple of minutes tops no matter the number of notes.

    Thanks csihiling. That's what I mean by doing it manually. Your spelling it out is probably helpful to someone who wants to do it that way / in the absence of a proper feature for it.

  2. Hi there. Love Evernote, especially how easy and fast it is to search for notes based on tags. 
    I'm missing some kind of tag management though. I have over 1,000 notes and a lot of tags, often entered in a hurry. I end up with multiple tags that are kind of similar. I want an easy way to reduce the number and variation of my tags. For example, I go to the Tags view, select "Email campaign", "email list", "Email lists", "Email marketing", and I want to replace all tags with one called, let's say, "Emails". Ideally I would right-click and select Merge Tags, but no such option exists. I have to do it manually, which annoys me, so I don't do it, which reduces my satisfaction in working with the tool.

    Thanks for considering this (or another better) idea for managing tags.

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