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  1. Thanks for getting back so quite Browncoat. I managed to replicate my clip and I must have been using Screenshot though I have never used it before. I have managed to clip correctly using all the settings so all is OK there. OS = Window 7 64 Bit, Chrome version = 30.0.1599.101 m Google Chrome is up to date. Looking forward to the Gmail clip update. Thanks, Nick
  2. Can no longer clip Gmail - it takes only the Subject line. Only other choice is an image of the email. Clipping a site only gets a small portion of the page - i.e. http://www.montvillemist.com.au/benchtop-dispensers.html Clipper used to work really well, now it is clunky and only partially working. Hope its just a teething problem with the new interface. I think it is a fantastic product but am not happy with it currently.
  3. Now I am stuck. REVO ininstalled 4.6.3, it can no longer see it. But installing 4.6.4 gives the bootstrap 2732 error.
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