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  1. Hello every body, I've accidentally deleted a notbook. I would like to know if it is possible to undo the erasing. Thank you.
  2. Any Ìnformation about the card back scanning, yet? Thanks
  3. Hello, Thank you for your answer. First I did not find how to un-install DocClipper, there is no reference to it in the control panel nor in the Revo un-installer. I juste deleted the file and unzip the zipped file I saved. When I run the DocClipper.exe I was asked to sign-in with Evernote to re-authorize DocClipper for one year. That's what I did and it works now. Thanks a lot for that.
  4. Hi Rydlum, I used DocClipper with W7 and it worked fine; I loved it. But now, with W10 it would not work.Would you consider update it to accommodate W10? Thansk
  5. Just want to publicly thank Rydlum who helped me out a problem with DocClipper ang thus get me off the Evernote-Word conundrum. Great work.
  6. Thank you all, this is what I wanted cleared.
  7. Hello, I have a Word document and would like to know the best way to it into the Evernote. Until now I have to create a new note, then open Word, load the doc in it, make a copy and paste in the new note. Is there a speedier way for doing it ? Thank you all.
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