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  1. Thanks, I'll give this one a look!


    Centrallo has listened to the Evernote community and now offers 15GB storage free. They use Amazon cloud for secure storage by the way. And it's easy to earn free premium accounts, simply refer 10 people who sign up and you earn a free year. Definitely worth trying especially with the free web list and note publishing that's included. http://www.centrallo.com. Getting great reviews cross platform.



    It's up & running.  If I missed sending you the URL, please let me know. 


    Apparently I can't send a PM? I'm interested


    Might be a post count limitation; i.e., you don't have enough posts yet to access the messaging system. I tried sending you a PM and got a message saying you can't use it yet.


    Thanks, I'm sure that's it. Couldn't find anything in the documentation though.

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