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  1. Good day. I just made this account to post here that its a shame that Evernote is not supporting Linux. Right now Linux is the fastest growing Desktop OS and with companies like Valve moving to Linux its a shame that Evernote is stuck in the past. I read here from a developer that used the infamous 1% quote which is tottaly false, not even Microsoft thinks Linux has 1% user base. A friend of mine was showing me Evernote and said that it runs on every device and OS. I asked him if even Linux and he said that sure, why wouldnt they. So I went to Evernote page and to my suprise they only had Windows 8 Desktop and Metro and Mac OS X. They also had android and iOS as well. I would have loved to try your product but because you guys choose to exclude me as a customer it just unfortunate. Cheers. P.S. Attached shows Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showing the market share of Linux.
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