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  1. I would like to know is there no way to show Recent Notes in the screen I see when i open the Evernote app on the iPhone. I have a feeling there used to be Recent or maybe there is on the macbook app, but I can't see how to see my recent notes listed on the evernote home screen or whatever it is called on my iPhone 6 with 8.3.
  2. Thanks for that, guys. Yes unfortunately I do see it like in that video link. I had sent Customer Service a Screenshot in which i showed the black bar and after that they said that a reinstall would sort out the issue! I guess I got a newbie in Customer Service who knew about as much as I did. I hope they give the option of a green in the future as I can hardly read the words in the sidebar. The odd thing is the the webversion is still green - so I will abandon the Mac App until they change it and use the Web based version only.
  3. Hi All I have Evernote on my Mac and have a horrible black sidebar and want it GREEN like the rest of Evernote. I contacted technical support with a screen shot and they thought it was an error and advised a deinstall and reinstall which i have done but now I have found out from another user they also have a black sidebar with white text which is also in their view not Evernotely. Does anyone have a GREEN sidebar? Or if no-one does, why did Technical Support suggest a reinstall? Thanks all. A
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